A Healer Only Lives Twice

by Pon Pon Games

  • PC
  • Vita

You and a guildie have come to ruins in forest for exploration. And the monsters began swarming to the blind alley. You are newbie priest. Heal the tank to push battle line. Restore health, gather junk, sweep enemies, and keep running ahead - while the last light doesn't go off.

Pon Pon Games

Pon Pon Games is a tiny indie game developer based in Tokyo. It has one member. It worked for games of PlayStation Mobile and PC, but started to find the way to include other platforms.

Pon Pon Gamesはメンバー1名の小さなゲーム開発グループです。PlayStation MobileやPC向けのゲームを製作していますが、他のプラットフォームへの展開も模索中です。